Dive Proof have teamed up with Soulwater Productions to create a beautiful range of log books featuring award winning photographs. Add your name or remove the text entirely, this is a limited edition print run with only 5 copies being created. 

The Dive Proof log book is a revolutionary product in the recreational scuba diving industry and has been designed and handmade by diving instructors as an overhaul of current log books on the market.

The Dive Proof log book is 100% waterproof, grease proof, tear proof, wipeable, and chemically and UV resistant and can be written on with normal ball point pens and pencils.

The log pages themselves have had a complete revamp and explore a new way of thinking about and recording your dives. Combined with loads of extra and uncommon features we truly believe that this is the most durable and comprehensive log book out there!  

  • All pages including the covers are 100% waterproof, grease proof, tear proof, wipeable and chemically / UV resistant.
  • Name and cover page including space to concisely record medical conditions, emergency contact details and levels of training.
  • World map to visually log where you’ve dived all over the world.
  • Equipment checklist to help with packing.
  • Bucket list to jot down ideas for future trips and things you’d like to see.
  • 3 waterproof pockets to store your certification cards.
  • Space to log 50 dives.
  • Notes pages.
  • A5 size, 148mm x 210mm

Inky pens like felt tips, fountain pens etc will not always work on Dive Proof products and it can't be guaranteed that all inks from dive stamps will adhere to the pages. 


For best results, write in biro / ball point pens or pencils and use permanent ink pads on your stamps.

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