Finally, a water proof log book

A log book that you can fill in on the boat while you're still dripping wet. 
A log book that you can throw in with your dive gear. 
A log book that won't get ruined no matter how many beers you spill on it.


Upload your favourite photograph or choose from one of ours.

Add your name or any text.


All of our custom log books are available in A5 or A6 size.

Choose how many pages you need.

Log page style

With 7 different log page styles to choose from, your log book can record as much or as little detail as you want.

Customise your log book

Upload your photo, add your name and choose the type of log pages that suit your diving.

What do you like seeing on a dive?

Choose from any of our beautiful images shot by fantastic photographers around the world.

Choose your log style

Whether you like writing reems of notes and recording all the data you can, or you prefer to keep it brief - we have a log page to suit you.

Recreational log pages


1 dive per page

Great for those who love recording every detail with lots of room for extra notes.


2 dives per page

Perfect for a regular diver who needs to log just the main details.


4 dives per page

Ideal for a frequent diver who needs a basic record of lots of dives.

pro / military

10 dives per double-page spread

Great for professional divers and those who dive with military clubs to record the essentials.

Technical log pages

Open Circuit

1 dive per page

For those who regularly dive twinsets and side mount and need room for recording deco stops and gases.


1 dive per page

Great for tech divers who do it all. A flexible log page for whichever configuration or equipment set up you're diving today.


1 dive per page

Keep track of your hours on your unit and when to change your scrubber with simply designed log pages especially for rebreather dives.

Durability - why our log books last


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