Environmentally Friendly

Committed to our oceans

We are against single use plastic and the damage it is doing to the environment. You won't find any cellophane around our products, we won't use plastic mailer bags and we don't seal our boxes with sellotape. Your log books will come in a recycled and recyclable brown mailer box, sealed with recycled paper tape. 

Dive Proof is a company run by active diving instructors. We love the ocean, we care about the environment and this is at the heart of everything we do. The products we create are made out of environmentally friendly materials and we spent a lot of time ensuring this. At Dive Proof HQ the off-cuts of paper and plastic, the snipped ends of the binding (and OK, a few mis-prints) are all recycled - a really tiny amount of general waste comes out of our office and we will constantly try to reduce this.

When we post your books, we use boxes made out of recycled card, we re-use boxes we've received our materials in, we re-use recycled packing paper that we nabbed after a house move and we use paper tape made from, you've guessed it, recycled sources. You will receive no single use plastic from us. EVER. ​

Your log book itself is also recyclable. We hope that you'd like to keep it on the shelf and fondly look back on it from time to time, but if when you're finished with it you want to get rid of it - chuck the whole thing in the recycling with plastics (It's a mixture of Category 1 and  Category 5). If you don't have access to recycling, send it back to us and we will recycle it for you. 



Committed to responsible diving

We all know that when you're out diving, we should look but not touch. We understand it may be tempting and it's something that sometimes happens, but as a company it is something we do not agree with. As such we are unable to print any photographs that feature animals being handled, or display bad diving practices such as standing on the bottom. 

If you submit a photograph that goes against the above guidelines we will email you to politely ask for a different photograph. If you are unhappy to do this you will be offered a full refund.

Should you require any more information on environmentally friendly diving practices, please see here: Project Aware 10 Tips for divers.

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