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What can I use to write with on a dive proof log book?

No need for special pens or inks, simply put you can use a normal ball point pen or pencil. Chinagraph pencils also work well


What pens can’t I use?

Pen ink usually tends to fall into two categories, water based and oil based. Water based inks are found in pens like felt tips, fountain pens, gel pens, highlighters etc. Water based inks shouldn’t be used on the pages as they will bleed, smudge and smear. The ink will have difficulty drying and will definitely get messy should you get the book wet.

Most ball points are oil based inks and these adhere well to our synthetic paper and won’t get washed off. That being said, there is a sneaky group of rollerball pens which look like normal ball points, but they actually use a water based ink. These rollerballs tend to be smoother to write with and require less pressure. Should you find that your ball point pen is bleeding and smudging, it could be because it is a rollerball using a water based ink so try swapping it for a different pen.


Can I rub out or re-use dive proof log books or paper? 

The fact that ink stays put when wet naturally means that it’s difficult to remove. Even with soap and hot water, magic erasers or standard pencil rubbers it is very hard to remove pen ink, pencil and chinagraph pencil from our paper.


Help! I’ve written using the wrong pen!

If you’ve used the wrong pen and the ink isn’t drying and it's smudging straight away, we have a quick fix for you. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the page and gently pat it in. This should set the ink and prevent it from smudging.


What do I need to do after I've got My log book wet?

You can completely submerge our books even when written in. They will not get destroyed and are definitely more than just "splash proof". However, we recommend to fully dry your book out afterwards in order to keep it in best condition. Dry between the pages individually, particularly if you have written in them. If the pages are wet and struck together after a few days there is risk that the ink may start to bleed.  


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