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Re-using vs Recycling - Can you help us?

You know us, here at DP we really think about how our company impacts on the environment. While we can recycle nearly all of our waste, we do have a few bits that we think could be re-used.

When we buy our waterproof paper from our manufacturer, it comes in thin presentation boxes, which we usually pop in the recycling. These fit A4 paper (297mm x 210mm) and are 20mm high. They do have a sticker on the front which can't be removed, but could be covered!

boxes containing waterproof paper               boxes containing waterproof paper


We also have lots of offcuts from our binding coils. We save these up because there MUST be a use for them. In the past we have given them to children's play groups for sensory play. They range in sizes from 8mm - 16mm diameter and are a mix of lengths and colours (white and clear).


binding coil for waterproof books               binding coil for waterproof log books


We have teamed up with the fab guys at www.theupcyclemovement.com to see if they can find some uses for our binding coils too. If you haven't heard of them, they repurpose old wetsuits into bags, purses, laptop cases and more. 

They have recently launched a "Re-source" section to their website whereby people can offer items looking for a new home (like us with our binding coils) or people can request things they're after, such as fabric or ply offcuts.



So, our question to you - can you think of any good uses for our boxes and binding offcuts? Please leave us a comment below or share this with someone who might be able to use them!

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