Sometimes when you're diving there are things that can't just be communicated with hand signals. Perhaps you're a professional and need to make notes on your students or maybe you're doing a reef survey and need to record data. The Wet Notes book is a water proof notebook that you can take with you on a dive. 

  • All pages including the covers are 100% waterproof, grease proof, tear proof, wipe-able and chemically / UV resistant.
  • 1mm semi-flexible covers providing a hard surface to write on.
  • 25 blank pages.
  • A4 size, 210mm x 297mm

Inky pens like felt tips, fountain pens etc will not always work on Dive Proof products and it can't be guaranteed that all inks from dive stamps will adhere to the pages. 


For best results, write in biro / ball point pens or pencils and use permanent ink pads on your stamps.

A4 Wet Notes

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