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We are lucky enough to work with some award winning photographers from around the world. These guys are the people behind the camera, behind the image that is on the front of your log book!

Adrienne Gittus

The Soulwater Collection

Adrienne Gittus, founder and CEO of Soulwater Productions, is an award winning underwater photographer and videographer based in wonderful Indonesia. She is the number one creator of promotional diving videos from the Gili Islands, to Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat and has supplied footage to CNN, Discovery and National Geographic.

Adrienne’s most enduring passion is the preservation of our oceans through striking imagery. Specifically, the fight to save sharks and rays in her adopted home of Indonesia. Her most highly acclaimed documentary is about Tanjung Luar, Indonesia’s biggest fish market. ‘A Fish Full of Dollars’ has been screened all over the world and won several awards including the ‘Best Emerging Filmmaker’ category at the Blue Ocean Film Festival.






Isi & Nico

The Dive Into Life Collection

Isidora and Nico are a divemaster and a scuba instructor who have logged dives around the world and have been taking underwater photos since 2010 in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and Belize. They have set out to create a one- stop information source for divers looking to plan their next holiday and share all the insights on their blog “Dive into Life”.

“There is nothing more valuable than insider tips and travel hacks when it comes to picking the next diving destination. And this is exactly why we share our scuba voyages! We hope our images inspire you to discover new places and keep a log of all the peculiar critters you see along the way!”

Dive Into Life Blog





Stanley Budiman

The Stanley Budiman Collection

Stanley Budiman, is co-founder and COO of ISO Indonesia, the first and only Indonesian Scuba License. Since he began diving in 2013, he has become passionate and committed to discovering more about the world beneath the sea. He has taken divers all over Indonesia, stretching from Weh Island in Aceh to the most eastern part of Indonesia, the world famous Raja Ampat. He has produced an impressive catalogue of underwater photography and has been featured several times by internationally renowned camera manufacturers.

His aim is to increase awareness that Indonesia has its own Dive License, which is especially catered for local Indonesian people. With this, he believes more people will appreciate that Indonesia is a heaven for diving, boasting beautiful corals and countless species which are native to Indonesia’s tropical waters.






Lorenzo Ballarin

The Lorenzo Ballarin Collection

Lorenzo is an underwater photographer & content creator based in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. He started diving in 2002 at the young age of 13 and for nearly 20 years his diving career has taken him across oceans and continents.

He travels the world shooting ocean adventures for various brands and clients, his main goal is to inspire others to get out & explore the ocean but primarily to educate about the fragility of the underwater world and its inhabitants. With his photography he hopes to connect his audience with this environment and influence a change, aimed to preserve our oceans.






Nur Tucker

The Nur Tucker Collection

Nur Tucker is an award-winning underwater photographer. She was named the most promising British underwater photographer of the year 2020 by UPY and has won many awards by Ocean Geographic and British Society of Underwater Photographers. Having spent 24 years as a banker in the City, recently she left the life of bulls and bears to spend more time with her favourite animals underwater.

Her passion is not only diving but also creating awareness for the
beauty of our oceans and how we should do our part to protect them.

Equus and Aqua by Nur Tucker
Instagram: @nurtuckerphotography
Website: www.nurtucker.com
Facebook: Nur Tucker Photography


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