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Brand Reps / Content Creators

Our brand reps are people (quite often previous customers!) who love our products. They are diving regularly, putting Dive Proof log books through their paces and producing images and videos for our social media and marketing.

Kaelyn Huizenga

I am from the tropical island of Guam in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I am an avid PADI diver due to the super blue, clear, warm waters that surround the island. I am currently working towards my Dive Instructor Cert with PADI. When I am not diving (which is rare), I enjoy relaxing on the beach and hiking (also called Boonie Stomping in Guam). I am excited to be on the Dive Proof Team for a product that I love and advertising it to all the divers around me!



Leslie Hickerson

I have been working as a Dive Instructor in the Caribbean for the last nine years! I am currently on the island of St. Maarten (the dutch side) working as the Educational Outreach Officer for the Nature Foundation SXM. This position gives me the opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting our environment! Over the years working on dive boats and liveaboards I watched first hand as the health of coral reefs everywhere continued to decline. This gave me a passion for sustainability and inspiring the next generation through nature education. I love underwater photography and my favourite creatures as the ones that are hard to find; nudibranchs, frog fish, and seahorses!



Molly Basterfield

Currently based in Dahab, Egypt, Molly shares her passion for the underwater through her involvement in ocean conservation projects alongside introducing new scuba divers and free divers to the sacred blue depths. During 2019, alongside working for PADI at the UK head offices, she was a part of the Shark Trust, educating and raising awareness on Shark Conservation. Previously she has also worked with Temple Reef Foundation in South East India, constructing artificial reefs in the Bay of Bengal, to restore reef areas that have been destroyed by trawling. This, alongside working with locals to develop more sustainable fishing practices, has rebuilt the ecosystem and allowed for the return of whale sharks to the region.

Molly has found that her passion lies in connecting humans with the water to experience its deep calming and healing effects; she combines her love for the underwater world with her desire to help people to overcome mental and physical barriers in order to realize their potential and find their way in the world. Whilst back on land she spends her time writing and growing her ocean conservation themed jewellery range.



Sarah Miller

My diving story starts just like many others: I went to Koh Tao, Thailand to just do my Open Water Course and four months later, I left the island with my Divemaster certification. When I went diving for the first time in the cold, murky water of California, I realized that I had a lot to learn. After diving for a couple of years, I got my Scuba Instructor certification and later on Cave, Tec 40/45/50 courses. I moved to Mexico and worked for a few years before deciding to open a dive shop in the Komodo National Park with two partners. After a successful first year, COVID forced our shop to make a shift towards online teaching which has actually been really interesting. Since then, I continue to make educational scuba videos on YouTube through our channel Azul Unlimited.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture & Enology (grape growing and wine making) but I actually don’t drink 😂 I am also a yoga and meditation teacher, but my primary work at the moment is in content creation and helping businesses build their brand.



Tony Reed

Tony Reed is a very well-known Southwest based Scuba diving photographer and videographer. His photos and videos of the underwater world and the creatures that live there are viewed and admired by Divers and non-divers worldwide.

 Tony also loves to share his experience and skill with divers who are new to the world of Underwater photography and videography and is often found taking these divers on shore dives to help them get to grips with what is a very skilful pastime.

Whilst he focuses on the “Macro” genre, he is just as comfortable capturing images of some of the larger creatures we find in the UK and also around the world. He showcases many of these images on his Facebook page “Cheap And Cheerful Photography”.

 One of the most interesting features of Tony’s photography is the relatively “Low Tech” approach he uses. Whilst he does have all the “up to date gear”, most of his images are captured using a camera that is well within the financial scope of most divers.

Tony is also a founder member of “South Coast Divers” Facebook page which is a fabulous resource for divers wanting to get information on South Coast dive sites as well as somewhere to post underwater images and to pick up hints and tips from some of the best photographers in the UK.

Dad of 2 boys, he started recreational diving in 2009 after failing a commercial diving health test. He work in Engineering and in his spare time he's diving as much as he can. He is both a PADI Divemaster and a BSAC Dive Leader.

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